How long do I have to complete the certificate requirements?

The $75 fee covers your participation in the certificate for 2 semesters (or 8 months). After that, it will be a $20 fee per semester thereafter. If you register in the middle of the semester, don’t worry! We will count it in four-month increments for you! For example, if you register in November 2020, your $75 will cover you until July 2021. If you are not finished, you will be charged a $20 fee which will cover your participation from July 2021 until November 2021!

Can I arrive late to a workshop?

We allow a 10 minute grace period for each workshop, whether that be digitally or in-person. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for the workshop, you will not receive your attendance mark for that workshop. Similarly, if you leave more than 10 minutes before the end of the workshop, we will not count your attendance for that workshop. We download the attendance list at the 10-minute mark and 10-minutes before the end of the workshop so we know who is there!

How do I know where I am at with the requirements?

We record everything on Brightspace for you! You can check your Brightspace course. You can expect all data to be uploaded to Brightspace within 2-business days of a workshop.

How many workshops do you offer per semester?

We offer approximately 24 workshops across the span of one semester.

Will this certificate appear on my transcript?

No it will not! This is a participation certificate and will not appear on your transcript. You will receive a digital badge if you complete all requirements. This will not appear on your transcript.

What events can I go to for the networking stream?

We encourage you to check out our calendar for possible events you can attend as part of the networking stream. If you have other events you would like to attend that are not listed on that page, feel free to do so. All networking events must be submited to Brigthspace undering the Networking Moduel. If you are interested in a paid event, we suggest you check in with us as we may have tickets on hand to provide you (no promises, but you might as well ask!)

Does the certificate have an effect on my GPA?

No it does not have any bearing on your GPA. The purpose of this certificate is to gain skills and knowledge around entrepreneurship and can be highlighted on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

How do I register for the certificate?

You can register for the certificate by clicking here and filling out this form and making your payment!

Am I eligible for the certificate?

You are eligible for the certificate if you are a current student at the University of Ottawa!

How often are new workshops posted?

We post workshops as quickly as we book them. To all those registered in the certificate, we send out a weekly email to advise you of all upcoming and newly added workshops so you get a first look at them.

Can other workshops not hosted by the EMC count towards my requirements?

No, only workshops hosted through the EMC program can be counted toward the requirements. We have labeled all activities either a Skill or a Tool, so you know which one they are.

How do I submit my requirements with the networking stream?

On Brightspace, you will go to the Networking Module. There are five assignments there, which represents each of the five events you must attend to get your Networking badge! Once you have attended an event, you need to upload TWO things as part of the assignment: 1. The ticket to the event (this could also be an email confirmation that you registered) 2. A 150-word reflection on the event. In the reflection, you must include how the event relates to an entrepreneurial mindset AND what you learned from the event. If you have not completed both requirements, we will follow up with you and will only provide you with your completion mark until both are uploaded.

I’m not interested in the certificate, can I still attend the workshops?

Yes! Workshops are free and available to anyone! If you do want your certificate, you need to be a registered student or staff member at the University of Ottawa and register for the program through this link. Please note, there is a $75 fee to register.

I signed up for a virtual event. How do I know where to go?

All events until further notice will be hosted virtually. We will send you an email the morning of your event with the appropriate link to access the event. This link will also be included in your Eventbrite account. 1. On the morning of the event, log into Eventbrite, and navigate to “Tickets” under your profile in the top right. 2. Under the event you have registered for, select “Go to online event page” 3. This link for the webinar will be located here. If you do not see it yet, check back closer to the event!

Why are you using brightspace if this is not a course?

As all students use Brightspace for their coursework, this was an easy way for us to track your progress and for you to see how you are doing in the program!

What recognition do I get for receiving the certificate?

By completing this certificate, you will receive a digital badge which you can use to highlight on your social media profile, resume, cover letter, etc to show your network that you possess an entrepreneurial mindset!

Who teaches the workshops?

A mixture of University of Ottawa staff, faculty members and external community partners teach the workshops. We find experts in each of the skills and tools that we teach so you’re getting the best presenter possible!

I registered within 24 hours of the event, where can I find the workshop link?

You will be sent a link the morning of the event to the email in which you registered for. You will also be able to access it through Eventbrite! 1. On the morning of the event, log into Eventbrite, and navigate to “Tickets” under your profile in the top right. 2. Under the event you have registered for, select “Go to online event page” 3. This link for the webinar will be located here. If you do not see it yet, check back closer to the event!

I was sent a pre-recording video for the workshop. Why do I need to attend a webinar?

Some of our workshops have a pre-recorded component, whereby you watch a video and then participate in a workshop with the speaker. This only counts for ONE EMC activity. You must watch the webinar and attend the workshop to get your grade. We host it in two parts because the speaker feels that the content is best absorbed through a Q&A style activity, where you learn the concept and then ask questions and go through examples.


Combien de temps ai-je pour répondre aux exigences du certificat?

Nous vous demandons de répondre aux exigences du certificat dans les 18 mois qui suivent la date de votre inscription au programme. Vous disposez donc de plusieurs trimestres[ÉL1] pour obtenir le certificat.

Est-ce que je dois assister à tous les ateliers?

Pas du tout! Nous organisons un grand nombre d’ateliers pendant le trimestre de manière à vous donner une variété d’options. Tant que vous répondez aux exigences du certificat dans les 18 mois qui suivent la date de votre inscription, il n’y a pas de problème.

Cela dit, vous pouvez également dépasser les attentes et participer à autant d’ateliers que vous le voulez!

Que se passe-t-il si j’arrive en retard?

Si vous arrivez au cours des 15 premières minutes d’un atelier, nous vous permettrons d’entrer. Si vous arrivez plus tard ou que vous partez avant la fin de l’atelier, nous pourrions ne pas prendre en considération votre présence. Les ateliers ne durent qu’une heure trente, après tout…

Comment savoir à combien d’exigences je dois toujours satisfaire?

Après votre inscription au programme, vous aurez accès au cours associé dans Brightspace et pourrez voir, sous l’onglet Carnet de notes, à quels ateliers vous avez assisté.

Y a-t-il des ateliers pendant l’été?

Oui ! Nous offrons des ateliers cet été pour vous. Veuillez voir notre calendrier pour tous les ateliers à venir.

Combien d’ateliers offrez-vous par trimestre?

Nous offrons environ 24 ateliers par trimestre.

Ma participation à ce programme de certificat paraîtra-t-elle sur mon relevé de notes?

Non. Cependant, vous recevrez un certificat digital ainsi qu’un badge LinkedIn que vous pourrez ajouter à votre profil. Nous vous suggérons également d’ajouter l’obtention du certificat à votre CV.

En combien de temps puis-je obtenir le certificat? Est-ce possible de satisfaire à toutes les exigences en un trimestre?

Il pourrait être plutôt difficile de répondre à toutes les exigences en un trimestre. Nous recommandons actuellement de le faire en deux trimestres. Nous croyons toutefois que d’ici l’automne 2020, vous pourrez obtenir le certificat en un trimestre.

À quelles activités de la catégorie Réseautage puis-je participer?

Vous devriez consulter notre calendrier pour savoir à quelles activités participer en vue de répondre aux exigences de la catégorie Réseautage. Si vous souhaitez participer à des activités qui ne figurent pas au calendrier, veuillez d’abord communiquer avec nous pour valider leur pertinence dans le cadre du certificat.

Si une activité qui vous intéresse exige des frais, communiquez avec nous : nous pourrions avoir des billets à vous offrir (nous n’en avons pas toujours, mais ça vaut la peine de demander!).

Est-ce que je peux m’inscrire au programme de certificat si je n’étudie pas à l’Université d’Ottawa en ce moment?

Malheureusement, le certificat est délivré aux étudiants et aux étudiantes de l’Université d’Ottawa seulement. Cela dit, les ateliers en tant que tels sont ouverts à tous.

Le certificat a-t-il une incidence sur ma MPC?

Non, le certificat n’a aucune incidence sur votre MPC. Il a pour objectif de vous aider à acquérir des compétences et des connaissances en entrepreneuriat et d’étoffer votre CV et votre profil LinkedIn.

J'aimerais remercier le Carrefour de l’entrepreneuriat d’avoir présenté un programme remarquable. Au cours de l'été, j'ai acquis de nouvelles compétences et j’ai découvert des outils essentiels au démarrage et à la promotion de ma nouvelle boutique de poterie.

I would like to thank the Entrepreneurship Hub for running such an amazing program. Over the summer, I learned invaluable skills and essential tools to help me start, brand and market my pottery e-shop.

- Mikaila Boyd