How do I book a Virtual Gin, Rum or Cocktail Experience?

Please complete the enquiry form below or email We will reply with ALL the details you need to know about our virtual experiences including cost per person and how it works. Once we have agreed on an available date and time slot, we will send you a template to complete with guest details and also send you an invoice for your booking. Once this has been paid, we will start preparing and sending out your kits.

When can I book a session for?

You can book a session any day of the week, at a time to suit you, subject to our availbility. We just need a minimum of 14 working days between receiving your payment and your tasting session. This will give us time to pack your kits and post them out to all members of your tasting group.

How many people can I have in my tasting group?

We just ask for a minimum of 6 people taking part (this can be 3 couples at 3 different addresses, but each person would have their own tasting kit). We've hosted sessions for up to 500 guests at one time but the average group size is around 15. You just have to bear in mind that the larger the group, the less interactive the session might become for all guests.

Do you have a non-alcoholic option?

Yes we do! We have a non-alcoholic spirit tasting and mocktail kit for any non-drinkers in your group.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We require at least 14 working days between receiving your payment and the tasting session. You also need to give yourself time to gather all names and addresses of your tasting team. Normally, people book 2-3 weeks before their tasting session.

How does it work?

Simply choose a date and time to suit you (subject to our availability) for a private tasting session with your group. One of our gin & rum loving tasting team will host your virtual experience via Zoom (or a video platform of your choice) and your session will last for 1 hour for a tasting experience or 1.5 hours for a cocktail making experience. We require all names, addresses and email addresses for every member of your tasting team no later than 2 weeks before your event. Each guest will receive their tasting kit in the post in the week running up to the tasting experience. We will email all guests with instructions on how to join the private video call as well as any details of what is needed for the session (for example, glassware, ice and fruit).

Can you include nibbles in the tasting kits?

Absolutley! We can include a selection of posh nibbles in each kit for an additional £7.50pp.

J'aimerais remercier le Carrefour de l’entrepreneuriat d’avoir présenté un programme remarquable. Au cours de l'été, j'ai acquis de nouvelles compétences et j’ai découvert des outils essentiels au démarrage et à la promotion de ma nouvelle boutique de poterie.

I would like to thank the Entrepreneurship Hub for running such an amazing program. Over the summer, I learned invaluable skills and essential tools to help me start, brand and market my pottery e-shop.

- Mikaila Boyd